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1. Can you make a custom steering wheel for any car?

Yes we can! We have most of the steering wheel cores in stock but some we have to order and that process takes a maximum of 14 days.

2. Are your custom steering wheels, paddle shifters and airbag covers fully customizable?

Yes, all our products are fully customizable. You can change every piece of any of our products down to the smallest details. You can evan send us a drawing of the design of your future steering wheel and we will make it the way you imagined it.

3. How long the customization process takes?

If we have a steering wheel core for your car in stock, the process takes 4 weeks. If we don't, the process takes up to 6 weeks.

4. Are your products easy to install?

Yes, the instalation process is very easy. Everything is plug and play. We provide instalation instructions and instalation videos and you can reach us anytime by mail, phone or on social media if you have any questions regarding the instalation of our products.

5. If I have some questions or problems, where and when can I contact you?

You can contact us by mail, phone number or on social media every day from 8:00h - 22:00h Central European Time.

6. Do your custom steering wheels have a warranty?

Yes, of course! You get a 2 year warranty on the damage caused by manufacturing errors. We will also be available for any questions that you may have. You can reach us anytime by mail, phone or on social media.

7. Can I cancel the order during the manufacturing process?

Yes, you can cancel the order anytime you like but be aware that cancelling the order will invoke a 50% cancellation fee.

8. Can I return the product if i don't like it?

Unfortunatelly you can't return the product for this reason because the product you ordered was designed and customized specifically for you so we can't resell if afterwards. You can return the product only if it is different than agreed, malfunctioning or demaged. Note that we accept no responsibility for damage incurred during transport. If any of these prolems happen, please, contact us as soon as possible by mail, phone number or on social media.